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Rudraksha & Fish Charm

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Traditional Thai silver fish charm for men and women. Made with unique Rudraksha Seed Beads
Length: 16 cm
Metal Type: Thai Silver

Rudraksha beads are believed to provide good support for those who are constantly on the move and who eat and sleep in a variety of places. This is because they are claimed to create a cocoon made of the wearer's own energy. It is said that if the situation around one is not conducive to one's kind of energy, one will experience difficulty settling down. This was noted as being especially difficult for sadhus and sannyasis, as they were constantly moving, and were traditionally never supposed to rest their heads in the same place twice. Likewise, the Rudraksha may be helpful for travelers and professionals who eat and sleep in a variety of places.

Sadhus or sannyasis living in the forest would have to resort to naturally available water sources. A common belief was that, if a Rudraksha were held above the water on a string, it would turn clockwise if the water was good and drinkable. If it was unfit for consumption, it would go counter-clockwise. This test was also believed to be valid for other edibles.

When worn on a mālā, Rudrakshas were also said to ward off and shield against "negative energies".